Vrnjci Spa Offer

Vrnjci Spa has attracted people for many years by healing waters. You can find here seven healing water springs: Topla voda, Snežnik, Jezero, Slatina, Beli izvor, Borjak and Vrnjačko vrelo. In the spa You have medicine cure for diabetes, rheumatic, kidney disease…
Vrnjci Spa offers many possibilities for sports teams. There You can find terrenes for soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis and table tennis etc. There is also and swimming pools for refreshment in hot summer time.
Hunting and fishing are also one of attractions, and here You can find ideal condition mountain Goč, and for fishing You have Podunavake Bare 10 km from spa.
Visits to the church and monastery are organized by local travel agency, so You can visit Žiča, Studenica, Đurđevi Stupovi, Gradac, Sopoćani, Kalenić, Lazarica, Ljubostinja, and what left of the medieval castle Ras, Maglič, Brvenik and Koznik.
You can find here and an ideal condition for congresses. The biggest hall has 1200 seats.
Vrnjci Spa is today and a cultural center, with many music and movie manifestations. There is also a carnival which lasts for 100 days and has become a tradition. Because of all this Vrnjci Spa is a biggest spa in Serbia with prepared offer for every guest. Today the patients come to spa to cure and others to have a good time. We invite You to visit us and convince why Vrnjci Spa is the best spa in Serbia.