Villa Panonija

The Spa, called Vrnjačka Banja – Vrnjci Spa, is situated in the central part of Serbia Republic, on the road Kraljevo-Kruševac on 200 km from Belgrade. With the north is protected by Gledićke mountain and from all other sides by Goč mountain.

Vrnjci Spa has been improved ever since the emperor Constantine and his Legions. It is famous for its beautiful parks and number of healing waters so it’s with reason the most famous spa in Serbia.

PTK PANONIJA a.d. in Vrnjci Spa has our VILLA PANONIJA. Villa was founded like relax hotel for our workers. Today villa is opened and for all other visitors. Villa doesn’t have a category and it work under the name of INN WITH SLEEPING VILLA PANONIJA.

The place of the VILE PANONIJE is ideal. We are in the center of the main park near a healing water spring HOT WATER, but we are far enough to offer You peace and privacy.

In the ground floor You can find a reception, a restaurant with TV and a kitchen while the rooms are on two floors.

All rooms offer You intimacy at any moment. In all rooms we have a bathroom and a TV.

Room Number of rooms Number of beads
One-bed room 6 6
Two-bed room 18 36
Apartment 2 4
Altogether 26 46

VILLA PANONIJA has one restaurant hall capacity of 48 seats.
We have also a terrace with 32 seats.