Panonija is a small place, but with a rich tradition. This is just only part from it:

1962 – Panonija become agricultural student center for foreign students
1964 – In the ambulance in Panonija we have specialist for almost every disease.
1968 – In Nederland at the exhibition of flowers in competition of documentary movies our movie AKVARELI PANONIJE, in which You can see Panonija at that time, won 1st place. Panonija was then proclaimed for the most beautiful village in Europe and we became an oasis of peace and silence.
1969 – Panonija was proclaimed for a prestige agricultural economy of former Yugoslavia. Almost all state deputations who visited our country at that time were our guests too.
1971 – Panonija Was proclaimed for FILTER OF THE LUNG because of the park and forest here.
1974 – The park and forest have been under protection of our country till now days.

All of this was just the term to proclaim Panonija in a sport-cultural center. Sports terrains with running trucks thought the park to medical help give a good condition for preparing sports teams. We were visited by teams from our country and countries all over the word and often the national teams were our guests. Opening cinema and organizing cultural manifestation made that our famous writers, painters, poets became our guests. As a mark of their presence they left us their dedication. We are very proud of dedication of Desanka Maksimovic, our famous poet. This is the best evidence for rich of our tradition as and many admissions which we have.

This is just a part of our past time but enough to You have a real picture of Panonija. More less, we much apologize too many people and events we don’t mention here with remark that they were not forgotten.