About Panonija

Panonija is a small, quiet and peaceful place totally untypical for Vojvodina. Namely when You come to Panonija from all direction, You from around plain and field suddenly entry in the green oasis of hundred years old oak trees with fantastic air, pleasant climate and ambient. Panonija is a real paradise for vacation, and refreshment. After Vrsac mounting and Fruska gora we are on 3rd altitude in Vojvodina with 128m above the sea level.

From Backa Topola and the highway Belgrade-Subotica and international rail we are 12 km away. So, we are very close to the international roads but far enough to guarantee You peace and silence. This small place again, moreover of his natural treasure, have and very good infrastructure. History says that people lived at this area from 15 century.

Panonija is very specific and unique environment by many things. In this magnificent part of Vojvodina we connect natural treasure with work and sacrifice of peoples who lives here and all this give the visitors extraordinary adventure. In this small place with only 800 inhabitants You can find: hotel, congress hall capacity of 350 seats, CASTLE from 1846, park with larch forest and very unique and protected plant species, sport terrains with a modern dressing room, lake, kids playground, paintball terrain and other content. With all this we have ideal conditions for sport, congress, hunting, fishing and picnic tourism, for schools in natures and other kind of tourism.