Sports terrens

Tourism at Panonija has experienced it’s expansion in 1970-es thanks to most of sports events. Many clubs and teams from the country and the world are preparing to Panonija, and from here went to great competition. There are ideal conditions for the preparation of sports teams: two big football field with a modern dressing rooms. Beside them is the combined field for football and basketball. One of the attractions is the fact that the dressing rooms connected with sports facilities with underground tunnel, which is the length of 69m was the longest in the former Yugoslavia.

Recently in Panonjia we have and a paintball field, with excellent conditions for this game. The ground is situated on the edge of the park under state protection, surrounded by trees and protected from the public eye, provides excellent conditions for all lovers of this sport. For the complete stay at the Panonija we can offer you: table tennis, table football, darts, chess, hanging ball, and other sporting events.