HUNTING CALENDAR (game in our district)
Fallow- deer – male 16.04. – 01.10.
fallow deer and deer kid 01.10. – 01.02.
Rabbit 16.10. – 15.12.
Rabbit – only by catching 16.12. – 31.12.
Wild goose 01.10. – 15.02.
Wild duck 01.09. – 15.02.
Quail 01.08. – 01.10.
Pheasant 16.10. – 15.01.
Wild pigeon 01.08. – 15.02.

Panonija long considered oasis of peace and quiet thanks to the park. In many ways the park is the pride of Panonija. It was founded nearly 150 years ago, but and today has hundred old oak trees of various species with ornamental shrub, carefully chosen paths and picnic terrain contained into one beautiful complex.

From 1974. the park is under state protection, which is the best proof that it is a pleasant place for all nature fans. From coniferous species there are: black pine, fir, Paniceva spruce – only in Vojvodina, in the central and largest part of the park broadleaf dendroflora prevails, the most common are : hornbeam, ash, maple, walnut, chestnut, European beech, red oak, corky and numerous other species. In park we have and a pleasure picnic with benches and tables, beautiful walking and sports paths.

Landscape of Panonija is particularly beautiful in autumn, because of the diversity of many kinds of colors and species. With park and surrounding land on almost 5000 ha we have a rich hunting place.