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Hotel Pearl



dry delicatessen sausage, pressed ham, boiled egg, feta cheese, marmalade, butter, bread, tea/ coffee/milk
Chese omlette
Champignon omlette
Bacon and eggs
Ham and eggs
Fried eggs
Eggs with ham
Eggs with bacon
Scrambled eggs
Sendwiches with ham and trapiest
Hot dog salami
Sweet breakfast
marmalade, butter, bread, tea/ coffee/milk
cereals 50g with milk 100ml


Voyvodina entre 190gr
dry delicatessen pork neck, dty delicatessen sausage, kulen, homemade prscutto, njeguska sausage, pressed ham, kaymak, feta cheese and trapist cheese
Russian salad 100gr
vegetable, egg, mayonnaise and cucumber with pressed ham


Deep fried crumbled cheese 120gr
fried trapist cheese with tartar sauce and chips
Spaghetti Milanese 180gr
pressed ham and champignons with trapist cheese
Spaghetti Bolognese 210gr
veal minced meat with trapist cheese
Voyvodina crepes with chese
fried crepes filed with trapist, feta cheese and bacon
Pizza pancakes
crepes filed with parisien, trapist cheese, champignon and tomato sauces
Hortobađi crepes 130gr
fried crepes filed with minced pork meat and trapist cheese
Pizza 200gr
presed ham and trapist cheese with ketchup and champignon


Ragu chowder ( chicken / beef )
Vegetable potage
Beef / chicken soup with pasta
Tomato chowder
Fish chowder


“Panonia” plate for two person 800gr
2 x , ½ steak Karađorđe , ½ stek Panonija, ½ chicken medallion with steamed vegetables and chips
“Panonia” Steak 330gr
pork meat filed with pressed ham and trapist cheese on grill with champignon sauces
Karađorđe steak 260gr
pork meat filed with kaymak Wienna fried with chips and tartar sauce
Vojvodina filled schnitzel 280gr
Wienna fried pork meat filed with pressed ham, trapist cheese, kaymak and bacon
Filled chicken medallions 340gr
chicken medallions filled with pressed ham and trapist cheese
Banja Luka schnitzel 300gr
pork meat in sauce of pressed ham and trapist cheese
Cooked veal in gurmet sauce 250gr
cooked veal meat in sauce of tomato, onion and champignon
Wiener schnitzel 200gr
steak Wienna fried with chips
Parisien schnitzel 200gr
steak Paris fried with chips
Nature schnitzel 200gr
pork steak in sauce demi-glas
Leskovats mixer 320gr
fried chopped pork meat with onion, paprika and tomato
Drumsticks with champignon on tavče 400gr
fried drumsticks with champignon and trapist cheese
Pork medallion 200gr
grilled pork meat with mustard and sauces of champignon
Pork steak in hunting sauces 200gr
grilled pork meat with mustard and sauces of white wine, onion and mustard
Chicken breast in sauce of pineapple 200gr
grilled chicken meat in béchamel sauce and pineapple


Mixed barbicue – grill meat 500 gr
burger, pork chop, kebab, sausage, bacon, chevaps with chips
Filled light fillet of pork 350gr
pork chop meat filed with kaymak, onion and chips
Light fillet of pork 300gr
pork chop meat with onion and chips
Filled minced grill meat 250gr
minced grill meat filed with kaymak, onion and chips
Drumsticks 400gr
drumsticks onion and chips
Chicken breast 300gr
chicken breast with onion and chips
Kebab 220gr
chopped pork kebab with onion and chips
Gurman kebab 300gr
chopped pork kebab and bacon with onion and chips
Chevaps (minced meat) 200gr
minced meat fingers with onion and chips
Burger 200gr
minced meat with onion and chips


Fish OSLIC 350gr
fried oslić with steamed vegetables and chips
Sharan – mill style 350gr
fried sharan – mill style with steamed vegetables and chips
Fish PASTRMKA 350gr
fried pastrmka with steamed vegetables and chips


Trapiest 100 gr
Feta cheese 100 gr
Kaymak 100 gr


Steamed vegetables 200gr
Deep fried chips 200gr
Various sauces
Bread – one slice
Bread roll


Hot shops salad 280gr
fresh tomato, paprika, cucumber, onion and feta cheese
Serbian salad 220gr
fresh tomato, paprika, cucumber and onion
Paprika relish 140gr
Tomato salad 200gr
Fresh cucumber 200gr
Fresh cabbage 200gr
Green lettuce 200gr
Pickled salads 200gr
Grilled paprika 150gr
Mixed salad
Beetroot 190 gr
Green hot paprika 1 piece
Green onion


Crepes in wine chatou for two person
crepes filed with walnuts, tinted with sauce of white wine
Crepes with eurokrem and plazma
Crepes with ice-cream
Crepes with chocolate
Crepes with walnuts
Crepes with marmalade
Cup Panonia ( ice-cream and fruit )
fruits with ice-cream, tinted with chocolate, cherry and cherry brendy
Friut salad 230gr
Whipped cream