About us


The company was found in 1947 on the property of former estate owners, by the basis of an agricultural reform. Today’s settlement residents are descendants of workers who worked on farms and colonists who came after I and II Ward War. The main building was in a majestic old building CASTLE. Since 1958 the company has become Agricultural Combine Panonija and that was the start of our development and prosperity. Very soon Panonija become and tourist center, so the name of the company was changed in Agricultural and Tourist Combine Panonija (PTK) PANONIJA. This name we have kept till nowadays. In 2004 we were privatized by IM TOPOLA Bačka Topola.

The main activity of the company is farming. In our pig farm IM TOPOLA finds raw base for their products. In the farm we invest much and that gives results because a number of the first class pigs who are delivered to IM TOPOLA is more than 20000 per year. We are engaged in agriculture too. We have working 2562ha of land with JOHN DEERE machine. We produce food for our farm by ourselves. So the circle is closed starting with production of food for farm, continuing with production of pigs and ending with production of final products of IM TOPOLA. This is very important because in this way IM TOPOLA can guaranty to their customer’s good quality of each their final product.


This work unit covers 2562 hectares of arable land. Under the system of irrigation is 450 ha. Representation of cultures is subject to animal production. Most are grown: corn, soybeans, barley, wheat, rapeseed, corn and sunflower seed. Under the system of irrigation, there are cultures in which the vegetation period required greater amounts of water. Otherwise, from 2562 ha, 571 ha is owned by PTK Panonija, and other arable land under long lease (state land). Business Unit is composed of, and repair, mechanical workshops, and round farming is factory fodder and silos. All surface work units processed their own farming machinery. PTK Panonija has sufficient number of tractors, combines, and various connecting machines for a complete and timely processing of land. Machinery is the type of John Deere, optimum power and great job performance.